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About Us

April 21, 2021

The Weyton Group (“Weyton”) is set forth to be a premier asset management firm, focused on delivering attractive performances and client solutions through lifelong learning – of markets, of technology, and of the world. Weyton is not a registered broker-dealer, investment advisory, financial services company or any other registered entity with the SEC or member of FINRA and does not identify itself as one. In its simplest form, Weyton is an organized thought for what can be.

In other words, Weyton isn't real yet. Enough reason and potential exist in Weyton's projects that are worth tracking in our pursuit of becoming a premier solutions provider.

Board Meeting


Research and development sit at the forefront as key drivers in our solutions—in emerging products and future services.

Weyton is exploring product development strategies for the workplace and communities across the country, like ParkCity.

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